Why personalized skin care?

The secret to a glowing healthy skin lies in a Dermatological grade Analysis, Followed by an accurate Diagnosis, and finally a Customized Skin Care adapted to your skin type.

The whole process is supervised by expert dermatologists.

The result are immediately visible as your make-up reflects better on a well prepared skin surface.

While a healthy baby is born with a smooth skin, our surface evolves with time. Most of us see their first irregularities appear at puberty in a skin condition we call common acne. With adulthood, distinct irregularities start to appear on the skin in the shape of wide pores or visible blood vessels on the cheeks, an oily surface, a sensitive or dry feeling. The mature skin gradually develops sagging, dullness, wrinkles and dark spots.

All these feature can be assessed and quantified to determine Your Skin Type. Our method examines the deviations from the IDEAL skin, not from the skin you “ought to have” according to your age. That’s why the treatment with the adapted skin care must lead to perfection as the only desired outcome. Your skin is restored to an ideal normal state, sensitivity is reduced, oiliness is managed and hydration is optimized. The surface of the skin is smooth, supple and tight.

The first results are visible the next day. As you apply the adapted make up on a normalized skin surface, the glow is visible. The classical problems you encounter such as blotchy, dry of greasy make up are on their way to become a thing of the past. No more make up crawling into the lines and wrinkles or fading during the day. Enjoy a full day or evening with make up that looks radiant and natural, as the new surface of your skin is perfectly prepared with customized skin care, to accept a mineral make up tailored to your skin complexion as well.  With time, more resistant features such as wrinkles and pigment spots, will improve too.

Moreover, feel the assurance that everything has been tested and approved for your skin type by expert dermatologist behind the Your Skin type system. A regular follow up session ensure the best care your skin can get.

A perfect baby skin is the ultimate end point of this personalized skin care regimen.