Dr. Ilan Karavani

Dr. Ilan Karavani was born on May 22, 1961. He studied at the University of Antwerp, and became a dermatologist specializing in Dermato-Surgery. In 1989 he studied Cosmetic sciences at the VU Brussels, and following his promotion he became a founding member of the Belgian Association of Dermato-Cosmetic Sciences. In 1991 he founded his private practice, mainly surgical and cosmetic oriented. In 1992 he was elected Chairman of the Dutch Association of Dermatosurgery, and he collaborated on the organization of the World Congress of the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery ISDS in Amsterdam in 1997. Dr. Karavani is co-author of the official Dutch textbook of cosmetic surgery (June 2000). He is a member of the editorial board of two dermatological journals. In 2007, he wrote his philosophical worldviews in ‘The Miracle of energy, a spiritual story’.

His love for research began early. In 1985 he worked on the ‘Kentanserine project commissioned by Dr. Paul Janssen Janssen Pharmaceutica (now Johnson & Johnson), and then in 1987 with research on ‘buflomedil’ for Abbott.

In 2000, shortly after the millennium congress of IMCAS Paris, he started with his team extensive research on aging and skin analysis. It so happened that his anti-ageing clinic was located in the same building as a nursery. For years, skin analysis of babies were compared with those of the elderly until the team finally discovered the algorithms of skin aging. Shortly afterwards, the secret language of the skin was decoded and displayed in a code – the skin code. A new classification of skin types was born. In 2006, these findings were considered as innovative and recognized as patent. In 2007, the YourSkinType© measure system appeared for skin analysis in a software version.

Since 2008, Dr. Karavani applies this technology and knowledge to advise esthetic treatments according to people’s skin type. Dr. Karavani is currently involved in the research and development of new techniques in skin care, both in terms of tailored active cosmetics, and in the eld of high-tech treatments performed in his private clinic in Antwerp. In 2014, he inaugurated his new Training Center for Skin Expers, TCSE.be, where hands on education is provided in all elds of skin care. His teaching and counseling in the clinic guarantee the highest quality of the care.