We engage in continuous research into the patients skin, through skin analysis by our IKARI Skin Experts.  At the IKARI pro-experience centers  our trained professionals analyse & advise patients on cosmetic products and  skin improvement. Are you a medical professional (skin therapist, dermatologist, esthetician) interested in visiting our pro-experience centers?  Would you like to be introduced into our world of personalized cosmetics? Please send us an email on with your request and we will be back with you soon.
It would be so easy to just use 1 cream for all, which solves all our skin problems and needs. Unfortunately, this is not how it works.
But we at IKARI Skin Experts have developped a proven solution through a MODULAR CONCEPT, based on the enormous data collection of the YOURSKINTYPE TM skin analysis. This revolutionary way of looking at cosmetics, proposes only a handful of very specific modules, matched to your skin via unlimited and very personalized combinations. It’s all about the product, the combination of products, how they are used, and when they are used, combined into a personal direction of use.
All products within the modular concept, are available for purchase, but only after a skin analysis, both offline the flagshipstore, as online. 
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