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The book Your Skin Type is full of new insights about cosmetics and how they should be used. A few useful tips and tricks are described here. 

Most cosmetics are sold without a personal manual because the cosmetics manufacturer has never examined the skin of the actual user of his product. Therefore only general guidelines are provided.

unfortunately, they are inadequate for the treatment of this highly individual and unique organ.

Personal guidelines are essential for a successful outcome.

Communicative types like more sedentary sports like Yoga, or playing cards. They like to be grounded in their activity, such as performing Tai Chi.

Stabilising types like more physical sports, even heavy fitness or endurance. They feel best with a lot of activity.

Making a cream is pure art, comparable to cooking. Choose excellent ingredients, think of a good recipe to maximize the potential of those ingredients and ask an experienced chef to cook the dish. Precision and experience are required to constantly deliver top quality.

To obtain a maximum effect of each ingredient, there must be a specific formulation and preparation of that ingredient (or a group of compatible and synergistic ingredients). It is not wise to put incompatible ingredients in the same formulation. For instance, some ingredients must be processed in an acidic environment, while other ingredients need a neutral one. Some ingredients need to be dissolved in a gel, while others in an emulsion. Some preparations are heated up, while others are cooled during the process.

Different creams for day and night were invented to separate the two functions of day and night, while combining as many ingredients as possible in each cream. The night cream has to repair the skin thoroughly during the night. It is indeed easier to process a high concentration of active ingredients in a rich texture. Ingredients that can be destroyed by daylight, such as vitamins A, B, E and C, are processed in night creams. A day cream pro- vides the comfort of a light and pleasant texture, which is also suited as a base for makeup. Moreover, day cream is usually combined with a sunscreen.

For the doctor, there are no different medicines for women and men. Even gender hormones are adjusted to the problem, and not the sex of the patient. Specifically, a good cosmetic product works as a gender-neutral medicine to improve the skin’s structure. Every skin is unique and requires knowledge of the customer’s skin condition, followed by an appropriate solution.

Assuming that a typical male skin is totally different from a typical female skin, is too narrow sighted.

Always try to use minimal amount of product on your face. The structure of the skin is not smooth but has fine lines, so only the amount of cream that fits into those lines is useful. The rest that lies on top is excessive and can roll up on the skin, comparable to the rolls that an eraser might leave on paper. The finer the lines, the less cream you need. Because the lines around the eyes are ner than the ones in the neck, two creams are proposed: one with a thin texture, and another one with a thick texture. However, if you only fill up the lines with a thin layer, you will not need two separate creams.

Most people believe that oily ointments contain more ingredients because of their richer texture and that they hydrate and take better care of the skin. But what you really appreciate is the pleasant protective feeling of a greasy lm on your skin. However, the reality is different. After years of applying the cream, the skin still feels dry and tight without the cream, and the number of wrinkles continues to increase.

Exfoliating — or peeling — means, “to remove or eliminate layers.” Skin cells grow in layers which originate in the depths. When they divide, they move to the sur- face where they eventually die and leave the skin as ne scales. is full cycle of continuous renewing only takes a couple of weeks, but it can slow down consider- ably with age, causing the accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface. e skin surface becomes rough and because these dead cell layers do not hold much water, the skin feels dry and uncomfortable.

By exfoliating, we mean the process by which dead skin cells are removed at the skin surface. A signal then is sent to the underlying cell layers, urging them to renew. The result is a fresh, newer skin.

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