Statistics show that over 80 percent of consumers misjudge their own skin type, resulting in improper skin care. The average consumer purchases blindly and is continuously searching for the perfect skin care. Up until now only dermatologists could prescribe the suitable cream for your skin type.

That’s about to change!








The Your Skin Type method for skin analysis is based on more than 30 years of dermatological research and experience of our team. It brought the answer to your questions about your skin type. Finally, they assembled all their knowledge into one unique software package, which performs an accurate dermatologic diagnosis, called YourSkinType™ skin analysis. The system can distinguish over 300.000 different skin types and follows the evolution of your skin each time you use it!

Furthermore, the skin analysis provides you with a unique SkinCode. Your personal SkinCode is delivered to you at the end of each skin analysis by email and on a personal identity card. 

This patented system has been widely tested in the respected clinic of Dr. Karavani in Antwerp for skin care, and  has offered solid proof for the supremacy of this method. Countless patients are already enjoying the benefits of a healthy and radiant skin though a customized skin care regimen.

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Every skin therapist that uses the SkinScan has passed an examination and received a certificate qualifying the use of the scanner. Hence, you can be reassured that your skin therapist has the skill and understanding in order to perform a correct skin analysis and to make a proper diagnosis.