In this book, the author shares his 30 years of experience in bringing personalized skin care within everyone’s reach. With the right information and a couple of minutes of skin care per day, beautiful skin will become your new reality.








Because every skin is unique, the demand for personal care is now greater than ever.

People who need beautiful skin for professional reasons, such as movie stars and models, always get personal advice from experts with profound knowledge and experience, which is followed by a treatment schedule that is unique to them. However, information derived from interviews with experts in the media, is not in-depth or personal.

So, through ignorance, many people have lost their faith in skin care. But as a dermatologist with an additional university degree on cosmetology, I know that skin improves with the right skin care. To daily request from all of my patients; “what is the best skin care product?” I only have one answer; “think as a dermatologist and act as a professional skin care therapist”. That means examine the skin first, determine the underlying skin type, and treat the skin with the corresponding products in the right sequence. Follow your skin condition over the coming weeks, and adjust your regimen accordingly if necessary. Thanks to new insights and better knowledge about our skin type, providing specific skin care needs is not the privilege of a handful movie stars anymore. A beautiful and healthy skin is an achievable goal now.

Stop “testing” a cream in the store on the back of your hand. It only gives you a subjective impression of smell and touch, but it does not guarantee a successful result. In fact, after a few days of use on the face, many customers do not continue applying their skincare products. Valuable time and money is wasted, not to mention the bad skin condition, the disappointment and the suffering.