A healthy life starts with a better understanding of our own body and its interaction with nature. We’re all born with a pre-set, balanced set of energies that is unique to each of us; we call it “Your Body Type”, or our energetic fingerprint.

We’re all striving for a healthy and happy life where we reach our full potential and share with a loving community. Achieving this requires us to be in tune with ourselves, the universe and nature. This book contains unique secrets to attain greatness. You’ll discover hidden Yoga principles you can use during business meetings to guarantee a successful outcome. It also explains what and when we should eat, why some ingredients should be cooked in water and others in oil, how to exercise when you’re in a time crunch and even how to lose weight by changing your lifestyle while keeping your diet.

 “Become what you think” is a dangerous statement. Your thoughts can be influenced, and even mislead, by factors that are not consciously experienced. Avoid that trap by connecting with your energetic blueprint. Free your mind from its conditioning and “become who you are”.

Your Body Type is based on years of research and interviews taken from leading naturopathic doctors and eminent Yoga masters. More than 150 highly rated scientific articles are referenced in this book to help you understand the physiology and biology behind the healing power of its proposed solutions.










The purpose of this book is to help us maintain our natural balance of our body type. Maintaining it while growing, will keep us healthy. Although our body can cope with temporary imbalances such as a bloated feeling or a hangover after a party, it’s sustained excesses that will damage our health in the long run. Your Body Type will determine the matching energies in terms of food, job, occupation, housing, lifestyle and even relationships so you can reach your ultimate potential, being “you”. Moreover, you will discover how to balance our most dreaded lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiac failure, cancer and depression, in a natural way. (link to list lifestyle diseases). Finally, our life quality will be determined by the way we age. Your Body Type contains valuable information for a healthy and carefree ageing process including the treatment of menopausal symptoms and lifelong male potency.

Unlock your full potential with lifestyle recommendations that match your energetic fingerprint. Change your life, while you still can!


Just like we can create any colour on a TV screen from a mixture of three basic colours, green, blue and red, so three types of energy manage our energetic identity and our physical responses. These three types are; Stabilising energy, Transformative energy and Communicative energy. The unique mixture of these energies on the level of our global body will determine our body type. 

We can understand how the body works by comparing it to a computer, composed of hardware and software. Except that our body is not composed of a static piece of hardware like the computer, but is a dynamic organism in continuous transformation, communication and stabilisation modes. The hardware parts are our cells, organs and of course our body as a whole. They are transformed, they communicate and stabilise into a solid structure through the software we interact with. Any kind of food, climate, sound, colour, activity or lifestyle choice will act as lines of coded information that alter our physical appearance and responses. Our body will run smoothly on the appropriate software that is updated constantly and adapted to our needs. Thus, it is of the utmost importance to understand how we function as an organism and how we are influenced in positive, neutral or negative ways by everything that crosses our path.

In such a highly interactive environment we can literally and consciously choose the life we want to live.

“It is far more important to know what person the disease has, than what disease the person has.”









Three types of energy manage our system on every level, from the cell to the whole body: stabilising energy, transforming energy and communicative energy.

A well-balanced mixture of these three energies at the level of our entire body determines our body type. However, at a cellular level or at the level of an organ, we may notice  different energetic distributions than we find in our global body type. Some parts of the body will run more on transformation, like the stomach, the small intestines, the liver, the eyes, the blood, or the skin. Some will run more on communication, like the nervous system, large intestines, kidneys, bladder and the genitals. Finally, some organs will benefit from stabilisation energy, like our skeletal structure, fat layer, lungs, sinuses, fluids and white liquids such as synovial and cerebrospinal fluids that provide protection.

Stabilising energy

Stabilising energy causes the conversion to a solid form and maintains its firmness. It is responsible for the stability and volume of the body. In excess, it will enhance accumulation of unnecessary material, the most well-known of which is fat tissue. A predominantly stabilising body type will have a stronger and fuller appearance.

Transformative energy

Transformative energy causes transformation from one form to another and is responsible for change. It keeps the body in continuous flux and renewal. It regulates defence mechanisms via the blood. An excess of transforming energy will initiate inflammatory reactions in the body with the production of heat and redness. A predominantly Transformative body type will have a firm and proportionate appearance.

Communicative energy

Communicative energy provides exchange, networking and connection between the various forms. It keeps the body in continuous communication and exchange. The nervous system is under the control of communicative energy. When it is present in excess the body will dry out and nervous diseases will appear. A predominantly communicative body type will have a tall, lean appearance.


There is more to a body type than its shape. But, as the external body structure is the most visible, we tend to give a first assessment of body type based on the overall external features.








The transformative type is the most proportionate. The Stabilising type has a somewhat heavier build.

The communicative type is lean and tall or tiny and small, like a petite woman. Most male actors are of the Transformative type. Examples are Tom Cruise, Michael Douglas, Richard Gere, Brad Pitt and so on.

Stabilising types usually have a heavier build, even when they are not overweight. A classic example is the late Seymour Hoffman at the beginning his career. He was a perfect example of a Communicative type, as is Anthony Perkins with his tall, lean posture.

Female models are usually of the Communicative type, their tall, lean bodies wear the clothes elegantly on the catwalk.

The actual body type is a sum of all the energies, external and internal, including shape, function and mental abilities. 

I have designed a computerised program to define your body type. It is adapted to our Western way of life. It is composed of fourteen questions and sub-questions.